Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What Happens Between Thanksgiving and Christmas?????

Wow!  It was just Thanksgiving and NOW  Christmas is almost here!!  Would you like to know WHY  that I think Christmas is almost here?  WELL, today my cell phone rang and I knew that it was my Indiana daughter (she changed my ringtones all around when we were visiting her in October and gave herself a musical one--I do not know how she did it--nor do I wish to know!!).   However, when I answered it--it was NOT her.  IT WAS SANTA CLAUS!!   Yes, he actually called me--ho,ho, hoing!  He said that he had heard that I had been very good this year and that he would be bringing me a PUPPY for Christmas.  I kept saying, "No, No, I do not want a PUPPY--EVER!"  .   But he would not listen--just kept up all this JOLLY talking!  Hmmm!  Wait till I talk to Sheri!  She just HAPPENS to have 5 puppies (Schnoodles).  So, I called her and I said (loudly), " I DO NOT WANT A PUPPY!  I WANT AN IPAD!!!!!"     And, then I shared with her that one of my daughter-in-laws (I won't say which daughter-in-law, I'll just say she lives CLOSE to me) had told me that what I needed was a KINDLE--which Sheri thought was a very good idea!  It has internet access!  And one of my daughters( I'll not say which one-only that she gives shots sometimes!!!) told me that what I needed was a LAPTOP.  It is really nice to have so many people who know what I need!  Don't you think so?  Anyway, it is beginning to look like I will have to get my own IPAD.   The sad part is that my children do not think I can operate an IPAD!!!!   THEY ARE GOING TO BE SO SURPRISED!!    Well, back to Christmas--I tremendously enjoyed the Christmas Musical at my sister's church.  They did such a good job--in fact, it was SO good that I stayed an extra night and watched it again!  And, it did give me a good dose of Christmas energy.  I am ashamed to tell you that I lost it when I got home!!   Charity and I drug the Christmas tree out of the attic by ourselves!  Then, we worked on it like a puzzle and finally got it up!   That is as far as it has gotten!  No lights, no decorations, just  a TREE--and, no plans for any either!  I would be willing to bet that Christmas will come and go whether that tree gets decorated or not!

Friday, December 3, 2010

A Wonderful Thanksgiving!!

I did go to my sister's house on Monday evening!  We got an early start on Tuesday (well, maybe not TOO early) but you should know what I mean--that is if you have a sister!!   I have been telling my friends that we actually had a 'cleaning marathon' on Tuesday.  On Wednesday, we had a 'cooking marathon' and on Thursday, we had an 'eating marathon'!!!!!   We did have a great time! We managed to get everything done on time and we even were able to do a short sprint to Target!!  We had SO much food!  God is SO VERY GOOD!   After eating, some of us made 'Christmas Tags' with paint and glue and Christmas wrapping paper!  The others just WATCHED us make them!!!  Both groups had FUN!
As for the birthday pictures, it required a little more technical experience than either my sister or I possessed!!  No problem--my brother-in-law came to our aid!!  I hate to admit this, but he left me to choose the ones that I wanted to post and to delete the ones I did not want.  I DID THAT EXACTLY LIKE I WAS SUPPOSED TOO!   And I was SO proud of myself!!! However, I also deleted everything that was on my camera--including the pictures that my youngest daughter had taken at the Georgia National Fair!  Sorry, Charity!!!  OUCH!   Someday, I am going to be SO good using computers, cameras and computer equipment--I just KNOW that I am!!  When my kids asked me (during our Thanksgiving meal) what I wanted for Christmas, and I told them that I wanted an IPAD , they thought that it was a JOKE!     I WAS NOT JOKING!   Someone even said that perhaps in about 10 or so years I would have enough saved to buy me one!!  HUMPH!  And , if that was not humbling enough, one of them even said , "Well, Mom, mostly college students use IPADS!"   (Does anyone know if that is true??)  Speaking of Christmas, it will soon be here. I am planning to go back to my sister's this Sunday to hear their choir present a Christmas musical!  I hope it will help me to have some Christmas energy because  we  do not even have our tree up and decoratedWell, perhaps tomorrow--after all, 'tomorrow is another day'!        
  Then, again,  there is always next week!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Here Are The Pictures!!! YAAAAY!!


                             HAPPY   5th


                        Sweet  Carolina
                                                       Clothes for her American Girl Doll         

                                                              ♠Her American Girl Doll

                                                               Barbie Medical Doll

                                                               Go-Go Doggie!!!!

                                                                Love that Go-Go Dog!

                                                               Isn't She So Precious?

                            ♠We had a Most  Wonderful  day!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Time Flying By

Wow!  Here it is almost Thanksgiving Day!  I am looking forward to spending time with my sister.  I will be going early--maybe even tomorrow--to help with the cooking.  It will be so much fun cooking together!  Then on Thursday the rest of the 'gang' will be coming--not yet sure who all that includes!    
Today I went to church.  It was Youth Sunday.  The speaker talked about loving Jesus supremely--going back to our 'first love'.  How HE wants us to love Him more than we love to eat or play or whatever we 'love' doing.  His message was very convicting!  
This afternoon I have been going through all my art 'stuff''--trying to get it organized.  One of my daughters came in right in the middle of a huge mess on the kitchen floor.  She said," "WHAT IS ALL THAT "!!!!???   I just kept right on and quietly replied,
'junk'.   She said no more!!   :)     I also painted  (just a little bit) and I glued some quotes in one of my art journals.
  I have still not been able to get the birthday pictures on my blog.  Hopefully, my sister and I can figure out how to do it this week!

Friday, November 12, 2010

What Happened To This Week???

Wow, what a busy week!  The birthday party was wonderful!  Can you imagine being 5 yrs. old ?  Excitement filled every room.  Barbie dolls, American Girl doll and several outfits--even a Go-Go Dog!  What fun!  Both sets of grandparents doting on her, plus brother, cousins and lots of aunts and uncles!!
Actually. I had wanted to post some pictures but I cannot get the 'system' figured out!!  However, I do plan to figure it out!!  It will just take me a little longer than it would my children.....but stay posted to see a beautiful little 5 yr. old enjoying her BIG day!!
On Tuesday, we went to Atlanta to a Seize The Day motivational seminar!   That was very inspiring!  Les Brown, John Maxwell, Terry Bradshaw, Sarah Palin, Laura Bush were some of the speakers!  I came home ready to tackle the world!  And, it is a good thing I did because life hit me smack in the face the very next day--UMMPH!     You would think that I would be very resilient by now--40 yrs. of marriage and 6 children plus 2 grands!  I guess some people just don't learn!  WELL, that was this past week.  Tomorrow is going to be a spectacular day!  I have my Breakfast of Champions conference call in the morning and after that I will head to Athens for a few days. So, it will be the latter part of the week until I can write again (hopefully, with some pictures).  One of the points that really stood out to me from the seminar was this:  "Never let someone's opinion of you determine your reality".          

Let's keep our energy up--never know when we might need it--in a hurry!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Back Home in Georgia

Could I please go back to Indiana????   There I could really SEE things.  Oh, I can SEE things alright here.  I can see the garbage that needs to be taken to the recycle center.  I can see the clothes that need washing.  I can see the floors that need mopping.  I can see the leaves that need raking. Talk about needing ENERGY!!!!       Come to think of it--ALL of those things had to be done at my daughter's house.   SO----what is the difference?     Hmmm!  Perhaps it is because it was not my RESPONSIBILITY  there,  but here is a different story!!   Here I have 2 dogs needing my attention and a little bunny that needs attention.  Of course, my daughter and son-in-law had a miniature poodle,  another dog with 6 newborn pups,  another Golden Retriever, plus a cat!  And in the barn they had 4 bunnies and 1 of those weighed 20 lbs!!!!  (His name was King Tut!)  However, I did not feed a single one of them while I was there.  I just played with them!  I do not play with my dogs (I never asked for a single one of them!!!).  I  CANNOT play with them, I am so MAD at them.  I have huge holes in my garden beds, more holes all over our yard--even in our dirt driveway.
Well, I am not thinking about all that any more tonight.  "After all, tomorrow is another day".  Tonight, I will think about my grandaughter.  Tomorrow is her birthday!  5 years old--I can hardly believe that much time has passed.  We are having her party at our house.  It is always so much fun.  She is so cute opening up her gifts.  She wants a 'Barbie' birthday party.  Her mom always finds the cutest things for her party. Have you seen all the new Barbie movies?  You should--they are really good.  I love watching them with my grandaughter---my grandson does not care for them,however!! I don't think that I have actually seen them ALL, but the ones that I have seen are very good!   We like to do art journals together--but they do not want me to give any suggestions on how to do theirs!  One day soon I will post some pictures of our journals.   Perhaps the latter part of next week will be a good time to do that. 
       One of my daughters is having 2 friends over for the night.  The other daughter is also having a friend over for the night Do you reckon anybody will get ANY sleep?   Uh-Oh, here comes one of them now.  AND, the friend just pulled up!  Happy Sleeping To all!

Monday, November 1, 2010


                                                          GETTING  READY  TO SEW

                                                          TRUSTY OLD SINGER

                                         LORD JESUS, MAY YOU ALWAYS ESTABLISH
                                                     THE WORK OF OUR HANDS.



Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cozy Indianna Saturday

It was quiet and warm here today!  Our daughter and son-in-law both had to work so it was just my husband and me. He actually left for a little while. So it was very quiet!  It was warm because we stayed inside!!  At least I stayed inside. I listened to my regular Sat. morning Breakfast of Champions phone call.  Outside the wind is gently blowing the trees around.  Today,  I have only seen 2 Amish buggies--so far.  One of those had a huge umbrella in front of them.  I wonder how they can see to drive the buggy!  Hmmm. Now, everyone is home and watching the GA.-FLA football game while I write. -- There goes another buggy--a larger one this time.  Everyone looked liked they had on black wool coats or cloaks and hats. I am so spoiled--it would take more than a warm wool coat and hat to get me in one of those open-topped buggies. OOOOoooo--shiver,shiver!   From where I am sitting, the side window here by the computer desk looks like a picture in a magazine.  There is a lovely tree (I really like trees) with large branches swishing back and forth. Just beyond the tree, past the bare field which looks content to have completed its summer work, is a stately white mailbox.  It is so crisply white--post and all.  Another field lies behind the mailbox and then more trees.  Some of the leaves are colored but many of the trees have already shed their summer foliage and are preparing for the winter weather. I see some green, some beige, some deep purple.  It is really very pretty.   From the sounds coming from the next room, I don't think the ballgame is going in the right direction!! YIKES!  My daughter made some cheese/chili dip for the game.  It is very yummy!  She is a very good cook.  I am very impressed! 

Friday, October 29, 2010

Another Cold Indianna Day

Wow!  It was chilly this morning.  What a day to lock ourselves out of the house--Ouch!  What to do??? No problem--we just hopped into our son-in-law's brother's truck!! Thankfully an uncle had a spare house key! I was shocked to see Amish ladies with children out driving into town that early in the morning with it being THAT cold!  I think that I would have just done without whatever it was that was needed!!  I mean, I was cold enough riding in a pickup truck with a good heater.  I cannot imagine what it would be like to ride to town in a horse drawn buggy! While our daughter went to the dentist, my husband and I walked down to a little coffee/antique shop. As I purchased our coffee, the owner asked if we were there for the meeting.  I had to admit that we were not, but were visiting our daughter.  And, she immediately said that she could tell as much from my accent!  Hmmm!  Well, it turns out that a Republican candidate for US Senate was meeting there briefly while on a sweeping tour of the state. Now that was right 'down our alley'!  Someone welcomed us and asked if we would be willing to wear  a sticker in favor of  Dan Coat.  So, here we sit with our coffee and our stickers when in comes the uncle who had previously brought us the house key!  We were enjoying ourselves immensely when our daughter called to tell us she was finished. Her dad told her to come on down! Of course, with her being familiar with our antics--she was just a wee bit reluctant!  However, we all enjoyed hearing Mr. Coat and were very glad that things had worked out so very well today!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Learning To Blog.....October 28,2010

Today is my very first experience at blogging!  Yay!  I am learning a new and interesting thing!  That in itself is 'energizing'--don't you agree?  I am visiting my daughter and son-in-law.  She is the one who has gotten me 'started' (that means that I had no idea how to set up a blog--a computer-lack-of-skills!!) 
From the window I can see miles and miles of fields.  The crops have been harvested and the fields seem ready for a long winter's rest.  It is so beautiful here.  Amish buggies travel up and down the paved roads--rain, shine, sleet, or snow.  It makes one wonder how they survive, yet survive they do and more than just survive. This morning I saw an Amish school at recess.  Boys and girls were running and playing--seeming so happy and alive--yes, even energetic. We passed many Amish homes.  Newly washed clothing (dark blue, a brighter blue, and white) were flapping in the very cold wind.  I wondered if perhaps Thursdays were their washdays?   Hmmm! It made me grateful that I was not born Amish!!  Yet, next week , I will be back home with my own workloads and yet-to-be-found solutions to problems that I encounter in my own little world!  Solutions that need 'energy' to find!