Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Tribute to EDDIE

Last Friday evening our dog died.  It was a sad time at our house.  Especially for my husband--he is the one who found him and the one  who had to bury him.

My Indiana daughter told me that she is expecting a  'tribute to Eddie'  posted on my blog--ASAP.  "And"  said she, "There must be only good things--nothing bad!!"

HMMM!  This may take awhile......

WELL, I guess I'll not be able to talk about all the holes in the yard--nor all the poop.  She does not want me to tell about all the things that got destroyed when he first came to live with us.  All those plants and flowers he tore up, I won't be able to mention! My chickens  he killed--naw, I won't tell that!  Not even my beautiful white bunny that got out and --no, I won't tell you what happened to it!  Not even the times when he would sneak out of the gate and we had to go looking for him.  Especially not the time my husband left for work the day after Christmas and Eddie ran out of the gate and no one knew he was gone.  But,  we found out soon enough....  Oh my, what a fight he had with our neighbor's dogs--BULLDOGS--2 of them.  And Eddie probably would have died that day had it not been for 3 squealing barefooted girls in their pj's and a teenage boy with what I had THOUGHT was a BB gun.  Nope, it was the real thing.  And one of those bulldogs got the firing end of it--which I might add (although I am not supposed to mention it) ended up costing my husband and me several hundred dollars in our neighbor's Vet bill.  Hmmm!  A tribute to Eddie????

Okay, my sweet Indiana daughter, here it is:

                                     A Tribute To EDDIE

Who always ran to meet me at the gate with eyes full of loving, adoring looks?

It was EDDIE.

Who always sat very stately holding up his paw for me to shake as I went back to close the gate?

It was EDDIE.

Who loved it when I rubbed and rubbed his ears and said, "You are the BEST dog in all the world"?

That would be EDDIE.

Who always lay on the porch just hoping I would come out and bring him some tasty morsel?

Yeah, it was EDDIE.

Who LOVED Alpo dog food with some raw eggs broken over the top, or some left over chicken broth drizzled on?

It was EDDIE.

Who always kept vigilance near the grill whenever we got it out  because he KNEW the fellow cooking would always give him one of whatever was on that grill--much to my horror I might add!!

You KNOW it was EDDIE!

Who always took every step I did while I was working in the yard keeping me company?

It was EDDIE.

Who LOVED to sleep between my prize rosebushes underneath our bedroom window right on top of newly laid mulch and you couldn't scold him because he looked so warm and cozy?

It was EDDIE.

Who always walked me to the gate on Sunday mornings when we were leaving for church?    And when I said, "Now, you keep all those squirrels run out of the yard while we are gone" , who went running off like he was REALLY chasing a squirrel?

That would be our EDDIE.

Good old EDDIE, he really WAS the BEST dog in the whole world!


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sick of the 'Flu'!!!

Have you ever hurt all over--so much that you could not sit still?  Has your throat hurt so badly that you could not talk clearly?  Has your head ever felt like it would pop right open any minute?  WELL--if you have ever felt any of these things--then, I can tell you, YOU HAVE HAD THE FLU!!!!   For the past 3 weeks I have consumed almost an entire bottle of Vit C  and also Garlic.  One of my daughters came home one day and exclaimed--"Mom, this house reaks of GARLIC!"  I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel--I think! However, that energy that I have been talking about--I do not have much of it!!!  Even my son got worried about me.  Last Sunday afternoon, he said, "Mom, get your clothes on. We are going for a walk to the end of the driveway."  Then, when we got to the end of the driveway, he kept on walking and made me walk up to my neighbor's house.  I told him that I sure hoped no one saw me because I looked like 'death warmed over'--to which he replied that no, I just looked like COLD death!!! Children can make you feel so up when you are feeling so down!!  To look at the good side, I was able to read quite a lot.  I read a book called "The One I Knew Best Of All"  by Frances H. Burnett. I love good books. I recommend that as a very good book!  I also read "The Good Earth"  by Pearl S. Buck.  I did not think that was a good book.  I guess she did do an excellent job of describing life in early China.  Also, it did make me VERY grateful that God allowed me to be born in America.  But I did not care for the main character.  My sister and I have decided that we are going to read a 'classic' each month of 2011.  This month we are reading "Oliver Twist".  I will let you know how it makes me  feel.  I was able to go thru a ton of paper piles (at least it SEEMED like a ton).  That made me feel REALLY good!  I was able to go to church today--first time in 3 Sundays.  I can truly say that "it was good to be in the house of the Lord".  

Just in case you are wondering, I did NOT take a Flu shot this year!