Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Lately, I've been thinking about LIFE.  I have decided that LIFE is just plain hard WORK!  I thought that it was hard work when I had 2 babies who were 14 months apart.  Back then, I just KNEW that I would never see the outside of a diaper pail. Just in case anyone reading this doesn't know what a diaper pail is--it's what you put your soiled cloth diapers in until you could get them washed!!  FUN, FUN!   Then, I thought it was hard work when I had a newborn after 8 years with 3 children. Folks, it is not easy either way--FAR apart or CLOSE together!  I remember my pediatrician telling me after that 4th baby, "Oh well, you already know all that about babies."  To which I replied, "No, No, I do not remember it--keep talking!"
Then, as I looked at each of those children and realized how enormously different they are, I wondered how anyone can know all there is to know about children. I had to PRAY a LOT.  Two more children and then the 3 older ones turned into TEENAGERS!!  Talk about CHANGE--hmmm!  I just thought that I had PRAYED a LOT!  Oh my goodness!!  A whole different way of life started coming at a very fast pace.  It was a full time job just keeping food cooked.  I don't know what happened but food just seemed to disappear!  Wow!  That brings us up to now.  That "sweet baby girl" as her dad always called her, turned 20 this year.  No more teenagers.  College classes, books and clothes everywhere, everyone going and coming and coming and going.  Sometimes I get so light headed I have to sit down!  And those PRAYERS--this morning as I was talking to God, I told Him, "LORD, there is SO MUCH to PRAY about!".  There are SO many CHANGES in life. That is true for me and true for you. I was praying for a pastor friend and his wife who live in England , when the thought came through my mind, that no matter where you live or what kind of accent you have, or what kind of language you speak, you still have to WORK HARD.  Even if you are fortunate enough to be a wealthy millionaire that never has to go to a job, you still have a house to keep, clothes to wash, yards to clean, etc,etc.  Now, perhaps you are thinking that millionaires can hire all that done--TRUE.  However, I have found that making sure everyone does their jobs is a HUGE headache! 

Okay, I think you get the point--Life Is Always Changing and It Is Always Hard Work!!!
So, what can we do about it?  In Mark Bryan's book:
The Artist's Way At Work,  he said, "We believe in making small lasting changes in the lives we have right now."  He suggests looking at the life you now inhabit and making small, concrete changes.  Changes that might be actions or acquisitions. He quoted Leo Tolstoy who said, "True life is lived when tiny changes occur."   In his life, he stopped yearning for time he did not have and began using what time he did have.
For example: 3 ten-minute reading breaks and a 20 minute walk at lunch.  Hmmm!  That is definitely doable!!!  He also said that although we may not be able to make LARGE changes in our life--"we can certainly make small changes that bring us a sense of comfort and optimism". And over time, little changes can make a BIG difference.  He then gives us a challenge:  List 3 small changes that you can make in these areas:   1.  Your Work Space
                                 2.  Your Car
                                           3.  Your Wardrobe
                     4.  Your Reading List or Entertainment
                     5.  Your exercise habits
                                         6.  Your eating habits
                     7.  Your spiritual maintenance
                     8.  Your kitchen
                     9.  Your bedroom
                    10. Your living room

Definitely something to give some thought too..........