Monday, January 3, 2011

After Christmas Slump!

Wow, Christmas was fun and fast and busy!!  New Year's Day was more relaxing!  So relaxing that NO collards NOR blackeye peas were even attempted.  Instead, we went to Cracker Barrel!  I will say that whoever that Santa was did NOT bring me that I-Pad and I almost ended up with a PUPPY!  I only escaped by the 'skin of my teeth'---WHEW!!   I will have to admit that the little puppy WAS beautiful--curly black hair and such a bundle of fun!  His name was 'Morgan'.  I am just 'SO' not a dog person!!!  Sorry, Sheri  :(     I simply do not know HOW to care for an inside dog--or an outside dog for that matter.  However, I am the not-so-proud owner of 2 of those wonderful animals that are constantly digging up my vegetable plants and my flowers.  Actually, they do not even care if they are digging ANYTHING up--they just did HOLES all over our yard.  Can anyone tell me what you can do with a digging-dog? They sleep between my 'prize' rosebushes and wallow all over the monkey-grass!  I don't like them----except when I come home and they run to the gate to meet me.  They make me feel very special!  If they would just QUIT digging everything up!!  I even tell them that they are the best dogs in the whole world.  You would think that would keep them in line,  but, no--they really do not care.  Oh well, I must not think about my flowers they have dug up.  In fact, I should not think about dogs at all--not even the one that almost became mine at Christmas!!