Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Where Do I Begin?????????????

I really do not think that I had the 'flu'.   I think that I had the 'Super Flu'.  I would get better then get sick again.  I could not get well. Not one of my family had any sympathy for me either.  All that my children could say was:  "  Mom, you have GOT to get out of that chair!!!"  or   "You would NEVER let US sit in a chair like that!!!" or "Mom, GET up and move around! You are NEVER going to get well just sitting there!!"
What could the matter have been with them?  I mean, couldn't they SEE that I was NOT well at all???  I must tell you this story. Please bear with me, I will get back to that last train of thought.  One night as I was reclining--in the recliner (the Chair)--I heard a dog barking--pitifully--down near my chicken pen.  I immediately thought , "  Oh, no! Those neighbors of ours--they have gotten another dog!!!"    Rain was coming down in torrents.  It had been raining off and on all day.  I almost got up to see if I could see this barking dog.  Alas, I did not have the energy to even get up--or so I thought!!  Well, that youngest son of mine came in and took a shower and then came in the den and said,  "   Mom, are you lonesome?"   That should have been clue #1!!!   I told him I didn't have time to even figure OUT if I was lonesome or not.  But then he said,  "   Well, I think you are.  And, I think what you need is a dog!!"  I assured him that I most certainly DID NOT need a DOG!  That was clue #2!!!  Poor Eddie had not been in the ground barely three days!! He then told me that a stray dog had been hanging around his friend's house and he(the friend) was going to take him to the pound the next day, so he brought him home ..........I don't know WHERE the energy came from, but I shot up out of that chair like I had never been sick!!!  Hmmm!  I proceeded to inform my son that I WOULD BE TAKING THE DOG TO THE POUND MYSELF TOMORROW!!  And to think, I thought it was my neighbor's dog!
Of course, he HAD to tell me that he had never had a dog that was just HIS!!  The gardener in me wanted to say "   SO WHAT!!" .  But the momma in me just melted. You KNOW that our son promised to buy all the food and feed him and take complete care of him (all I could say was, "   Yeah, I have heard THAT before!"  ).  My husband refused to talk about it at all until the morning!  Then, when he saw the dog, HIS heart melted.  The dog looked exactly like Eddie except that he is black and Eddie was yellow.  We are now the proud owners of 2 LARGE dogs--AGAIN!  All my beautiful baby irises are trampled.  Those 'prize' rosebushes--he chewed 2 of them down to the ground--thorns and all!!!!!!   The water hose--chewed in half!  My flower pots that I had on the porches--dragged all over the yard and chewed up!  And just when I thought things couldn't get any worse.....Well, first let me get back to the 'Super Flu'.  I could not get well and you can see no one was helping me here on the homefront.  So, I asked my husband would he PLEASE take me to my sister's house and he did. I told my children that I was going to my sister's and was NOT coming home until I was well!!!!   I stayed there for a week and not one person told me to get up out of 'the chair'.  I started feeling stronger.  Then one day my Indiana daughter called me and told me they were coming home soon for a whole week!  Yay!  That made me feel better too. And what she said next made me feel wonderful.  She asked me to make a list of some things that I would like to have done around the house.  She said they were going to help me do some of them.  WOW!  I have six children and that was a VERY unusual thing for one of them to say!  That should have been clue #1 again!!!  The second  call from her came the day before I came home.  This call started with--"   Mom, we were wondering if you could do us a favor...."   (or something along those lines).  When I got off of the phone, my sister asked me what the call was about.  All I could manage to say was "   you don't want to know"  !   So, back to me thinking that things could not get any worse...I was 'asked' if I could keep Morgan (the beautiful little black, curly haired Schnoodle from Christmas) for a month... Okay, a month I can handle or so I thought.  That should have been clue #2 again.... My sister came by while they were home and I said,  
"  And here's the new member of our family!"    Now, I was just kidding and then she told me that she had known about it because that youngest daughter of mine had posted on Facebook the SHE was getting a new puppy!!! W-E-L-L  -----------------
I did say that I LOVED learning NEW things, didn't I?   At the moment I am learning how to let a dog train his owner!!  I am learning how to give a dog a bath so that he will not smell like a dog!  And I am trying to learn how to not cringe when a puppy licks and licks you!!  I am learning that dogs LOVE pig ears! 
Life seems to be full of surprises doesn't it?   An INSIDE dog----Who'd thought it????????????????