Wednesday, March 26, 2014

As you can plainly see from my last post, I did NOT figure anything out about inserting pics that would not be UPSIDE DOWN!! I think I will just pretend that it was supposed to just BE that way. I mean, any artist will tell you that you can stand back and 'squint' while looking at your work and you will get a new perspective! So just stand back, folks, and view my art journal 'upside down' and ENJOY!! I have been exploring 'pen and ink' the past 2 weeks in my journal ( which actually means I have created a lot of INK BLOBS').  Hey, at least I can laugh about it and it helps my blood pressure which definitely has been an issue I have been dealing with!  Currently, my head is spinning trying to figure out what I need to be eating! I'm sure you already know that I can't use my salt shaker any more! I actually never used a LOT of salt but now that I know I am not SUPPOSED to add any salt to ANYTHING--I find myself looking longingly at the 2 lovely little cut glass bottles sitting on my shelf! But I'm being a good sport about it...I don't even put any salt in my morning oat bran!  I'll bet you want to know how that tastes...SALTLESS is how it tastes! But, I am eating it that way! I have a good friend who recommends the Blood Type Diet and another friend and her doctor that recommends the South Beach Diet and a nurse daughter that recommends the Dash Diet. Well, I'm reading and taking notes and getting confused and taking the meds the doctors gave me and drinking ginger tea, and taking deep breaths, and walking  etc. etc. etc! One food that all three of those diets have in common is fish--salmon, especially, AND sardines! I am trying my best to find a store that sells salmon (or ANY fish) that does not come from CHINA! Does anybody sell AMERICAN FISH??? I did find one at Kroger that was CAUGHT in the U.S. But it was PROCESSED in CHINA!!  The sardines are another story!  I could actually eat THOSE--if I could figure out a way to not SMELL them going into my mouth! But my nose is too close to my mouth! I never knew food could be so wearisome! I will pass along any good tidbits I can find--just in case you all ever need to know what you can eat if your blood pressure decides to start acting up!

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