Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Quiet Morning

How very quiet the world seems this morning! When I took Mr. Morgan out, I realized that a gentle rain must have occurred during the night. It may not have been gentle at all--I have been known to sleep through monstrous thunderstorms! But everything outside looked bathed in much-needed moisture. Even Mr. Morgan noticed and was hesitant to venture forth! Usually, there is quite a chatter going on amongst the birds--but not today. Perhaps the whole busy world was just sleeping-in. After all it IS Saturday! As I came back up to the porch, I pulled a few stray weeds that had sprung up right in front of the steps. Why can't my flowers grow for me like all my weeds do? I think that for every weed I pull--5 more replace it! But this morning even the weeds look content and quiet! A nice and quiet restful morning! UMMMM!!! I dot not need to go ANYWHERE and although there are many, many things that I need to get done, I am simply enjoying the quietness and peacefulness surrounding me. I DO wonder where all the birds are though! Sometimes they can be really LOUD! I DID see a squirrel running across the backyard and was hoping you-know-who would NOT see it. He must not have because as soon as he was finished with his 'business', he quickly ran back to the porch! The August sun is creeping higher in the sky and will soon make being outside almost unbearable. How grateful I am for air conditioners! I am such a baby! We never had an air conditioner when I was growing up! I cannot even imagine what that would be like now! I do remember my sister and I taking 'turns' fanning each other at night! Hmmm! Precious memories-- oh how they linger! Well, the time has come for me to start tackling that wonderful, ever- growing list called the 'To-Do' list! I wonder how many items I can get crossed off today!

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