Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Well I am sitting in Newton County Hospital where my sister just had surgery for a broken hip. She came through surgery fine but her oxygen level dropped after the surgery and she spiked a fever--102.7 in fact! After a CT scan, it was determined that she has pneumonia in BOTH lungs. She is now on a ventilator. To say it has been a frightening experience is putting it mildly. All she wanted was a pack of peanut butter malt crackers from the QT gas station! I guess we just never know what may happen in a day! So what is it I need to pay attention to?
For one--there are a whole lot of people who are worse off than we are! Since being here 2 people have died with one of those being a 48 year old woman who had spinal meningitis. Her family had to make the difficult decision to unplug the life support system. Today, while sitting with my sister a nurse came in and asked the nurse who is taking care her "where are the bags?" to which our nurse asked "the body ones?". Then she told her where they were. Now, I am sitting there thinking--"bags? Body ones? Ummmm....body bags...another death?" I just kept my mouth shut where normally, I would have had several questions about THAT conversation. I need to pay attention to the fact that my sister just has a ventilator and be GRATEFUL for that. Then another night a very young and healthy looking man come in after some kind of 'altercation ' with a very beat up body--while down in the ER about 5 police cars with blue lights flooding the entire area were hanging out!! I need to pay attention to the fact that I am not dealing with THAT situation...I need to pay attention to all the ways that God shows himself faithful to us. He has provided a very nice room for our family to stay in while waiting to see my sister. It even has its own private bathroom. Several of the chairs in here let out into a bed-- THANK YOU FATHER FOR YOUR PROVISIONS!! This morning as I was reading in My Utmost For His Highest, I read this: " We are apt to think that everything that happens is to be turned into useful teaching, it is to be turned into something better than teaching, viz. , into character...meant to make us something."
My character...hymmmm...Lord Jesus, help me to respond to things that happen in my life as you would have me to.

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